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Coffee illy is undoubtedly the best cofee in the world. Having over 80 years tradition, cofee illy is offered in over 140 countries. illy produces one and the only brand, compound of 9 kinds high quality 100% coffee arabica and makes it available in different formats. That combination garanties a constant quality, that distinguishes the brand of illy, holding an excelent flavour and taste. The green coffee beans are specially selected directly from the best farms in Brazil, Central America, India and Africa, then are put under 144 procedures of quality control before being prepared for the market.

From the first sip you feel the rich flavour and the distinguishing taste that brings the autentic sence of the Italian coffee. For those, who delight the pleasure of a foamy capuchino, the preparations of the best one starts with a perfect dose espresso.

The cofein, that consists in the arabica sort, is up to 1,7%, that is three times less than its consistence in robusta sort. That is the reason the human constitution could absorb up to 8 cups of arabica espresso per day and less than 4 of robusta espresso.


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